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New Taipei’s Smart City Consortium to expand smart tech presence to international markets (2017/02/20)

Post date:2017-02-20
  New Taipei City today announced the formation of a new Smart City Consortium, as part of the city's aim to develop overseas markets for Taiwan-made smart technologies. Buyers from 10 countries have joined 60 local producers to target the global smart city market, which is projected to reach an annual NT$30 trillion by 2019. 

This smart health care device can measure metrics such as blood pressure, body weight, and heart rate, and can store all of that data on your National Health Insurance card. 

Lin Tsun-yuen
We predict that these smart machines will eventually replace their paper counterparts. In the future we will also be able to link them up to government and medical databases, so when you go to the hospital, they will be able to analyze all your relevant medical data.

So-called “Smart” technology also extends to things like vending machines. Models which connect to the internet-of-things can allow customers to use their smart phones to make purchases. 

New Taipei City and 30 foreign buyers from 10 countries came together to establish the “New Taipei Smart City Consortium,” which has already welcomed 60 domestic producers as members.

Eric Chu
New Taipei Mayor
In the past, we’ve had ICT related industry alliances. But this gave people the impression that ICT manufacturing was Taiwan’s only core competency. Actually, we have quite an active presence in the smart city industry, and linking up to the internet-of-things will effectively open up more areas for development. 

New Taipei has invested NT$40 million in the development of smart city and smart living technologies in order to augment its presence in the international market and expand its business horizons.
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