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Water authorities, doctors respond to worries over excessive aluminum levels in tap water (2017/03/01)

Post date:2017-03-01
  Levels of aluminum in water higher than those allowed under law were detected at three water purification plants in New Taipei and Hsinchu supplying a total of 85,000 people. The findings prompted water authorities to clarify that the readings were down to chemicals used to reduce turbidity. 

Aluminum is safe in water at concentrations of up to 0.3 parts per million, yet aluminum levels measured at Hsinchu’s Guanxi water purification plant were as high as 0.347 ppm. Tests done at New Taipei’s Zhongfu and Shiding plants also showed levels of aluminum above the regulated safety standard.

Lin Chien-hsiung
Taipei Water Dept. Wenshan Division Head
Due to an ongoing drought, our water levels have gone down. On the day when tests were done, some mud was accidentally sampled which led to turbidity and aluminum levels that were higher than acceptable.

Wen Tsung-meng
Xinshan Water Distribution Plant Manager
Last year there was a lot of rainfall which contributed to high turbidity. When turbidity is high, we will add extra poly-aluminum chloride. But that was a special case.

A doctor assured the public that there was no cause for panic and that they could get a blood test done if needed.

Dr. Yan Zong-hai
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Toxicologist
If your kidneys are functioning normally, there is no cause for concern. If you take in too much aluminum, a healthy kidney will simply expel it from your body. But those on kidney dialysis or with weak kidneys need to be cautious.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it would enforce more stringent regulations by lowering the maximum safe concentration for aluminum in water from 0.3 ppm to 0.2 ppm in the next couple years.
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