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New “eye-catching” technologies to take center stage at Softex Taipei consumer show this year (2017/04/05)

Post date:2017-04-05
  Virtual reality is set to take center stage at Softex Taipei, a major annual consumer electronics show which will kick off this Friday at the capital’s World Trade Center. Exhibitors will be showcasing a wide array of innovative new products, including a notebook with eye-tracking technology and a program that can recommend you skincare products just by analyzing your picture. 

These gamers wearing VR goggles are fighting for their virtual lives in this zombie apocalypse game. VR games like these allow multiple players to interact in a virtual world in ways that mimic reality.

Lu Chi-chieh 
Gaming Company PR Director
This particular game lets up to five players play at once. The game uses sensors and joysticks to make the experience feel real. The gun for this game was designed with the weight of a real gun and gives gamers the sensation of holding an actual firearm. 
Improvements in VR and eye-tracking technology may also make peripheral mice obsolete for those playing first-person shooter games. This one-of-a-kind notebook computer made by Acer employs special eye-tracking technology to let gamers use their eyes to aim and shoot faster than before.

Enoch Du
TCA Secretary General
When it comes to notebook computers and peripherals, we are seeing a lot of new designs. There are over 600 exhibition booths this year, and we believe that an exhibitor turnout of this scale will attract at least 400,000 visitors. 

This pen digitizer leverages Bluetooth technology to instantly transcribe anything you write on paper into a digital format. 

One exhibitor was even showcasing a program that takes only 60 seconds to analyze a user’s picture and generate customized recommendations for what kinds of skincare products to purchase. 
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