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National Science and Technology Museum and ITRI hold “Innovating a Better Future” exhibition (2017/04/07)

Post date:2017-04-07
  The National Science and Technology Museum has teamed up with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to create an exhibition at the museum that uses interactive technology to simulate scenarios in virtual reality. 
Titled "Innovating a Better Future," the exhibition aims to help the public become familiar with today's fast-moving technology.

When a fire breaks out in darkness, firefighters rely on LED lights affixed to their uniforms to light up the scene not only just for their personal safety but also to find survivors. 

June Lin
Industrial Technology Research Institute
With the principle of using water to produce electricity, the water column must be very strong to produce electrical energy. 

This sensory monitor worn by elderly people can not only detect the wearer’s state of health but in the case of a fall or a faint, it can automatically telephone for help. The public can experience this kind of technology that is used in everyday life for themselves at the “Innovating a Better Future” exhibition. 

Liu Jong-min
Industrial Technology Research Institute President
This allows young students to familiarize themselves with emerging technology at an early age. Future innovations will depend on where everyone thinks there is a problem. There will be opportunities to resolve these problems by integrating (technological inventions) with everyday life, 

The Industrial Technology Research Institute hopes that this exhibition will intensify interest in young students to develop new technology as research and development from youth and students will guide Taiwan’s future industrial trends. 

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