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    Others A demonstration for finding the best timing of defibrillation (animal experiments): Cooperation work between National Chiao Tung University and National Taiwan University Hospital
    Tsai, Shang-Ho (Lawrence)
    Journal PapersChien-Hui Liao, Charles H.-P. Wen (2017, Dec). An Online Thermal-PatternAware Task Scheduler in 3D Multi-Core Processors. IEICE Trans. FundamentalsHung-Pin(Charles) Wen
    Journal PapersHuan-Hsin Tseng, Yi Luo, Sunan Cui, Jen-Tzung Chien, Randall Ten Haken and Issam El Naqa, “Deep reinforcement learning for automated radiation adaptation in lung cancer”, Medical Physics, vol. 44, no. 12, pp. 6690-6705, December 2017. (MOST 106-2221-E-009-147-MY3)Jen-Tzung Chien
    Conference PapersJen-Tzung Chien and Kang-Ting Peng, “Adversarial manifold learning for speaker recognition”, Proc. of IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop (ASRU), Okinawa-Japan, December 2017. Jen-Tzung Chien
    Journal PapersChien-Hui Liao, Charles H.-P. Wen (2017, Nov). SVM-based Dynamic Voltage Prediction for Online Thermally Constrained Task Scheduling in 3D Multi-Core Processors. IEEE Embedded Systems Letters. (Accepted).Hung-Pin(Charles) Wen
    Journal PapersChien-Hui Liao, Hung-Pin Wen (2017, Nov). An Online Task Scheduler in 3D Multi-Core Processors with Thermal-Aware Dynamic Voltage Assignment. IET Computers & Digital TechniquesHung-Pin(Charles) Wen
    Conference PapersFangyi Zhu, Xiaoxu Li, Zhanyu Ma, Guang Chen, Pai Peng, Xiaowei Guo, Jen-Tzung Chien and Jun Guo, “Image-text dual model for small-sample image classification”, Proc. of CCF Chinese Conference on Computer Vision (CCCV), pp. 556-565, Tianjin-China, October 2017. Jen-Tzung Chien
    Journal PapersChia-Ling Chang, Hung-Pin Wen (2017, Sep). Accurate Performance Evaluation of VLSI Designs With Selected CMOS Process Parameters. IET Circuits, Devices & SystemsHung-Pin(Charles) Wen
    Journal PapersWei-wei Lin, Man-Wai Mak and Jen-Tzung Chien, “Fast scoring for PLDA with uncertainty propagation via I-vector grouping”, Computer Speech and Language, vol. 45, pp. 503-515, September 2017. (MOST 105-2221-E-009-137-MY2)Jen-Tzung Chien
    Conference PapersJen-Chieh Tsai and Jen-Tzung Chien, “Adversarial domain separation and adaptation”, Proc. of IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP), pp. 1-6, Tokyo, September 2017.Jen-Tzung Chien
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