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Sayonara, Japan Semiconductor Inc.

Post date:2016-04-12
Junko Yoshida
4/12/2016 08:43 AM EDT
TOKYO — The Japanese semiconductor industry’s downfall – by way of a slow death over the past quarter century — is undeniable and well documented.

Theories about why Japan’s semi industry fell apart are many. But the single reality facing Japanese semiconductor firms is this: They no longer matter in the global market.

Tracing the top 10 semiconductor sales leaders all the way back to 1990, Brian Matas, vice president of market research at IC Insights, observed that compared to “1990 when Japanese semi suppliers wielded their greatest influence on the global stage and held six of the top 10 positions, last year only Toshiba remained in the top 10.”

Contrary to the Japanese government’s expectations, the wave of consolidations among Japanese electronics giants’ chip divisions over the last few years backfired.

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