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NameWatanabe, Hiroshi
Telephone number03-5712121 ext59416
Personal websitehttp://web.it.nctu.edu.tw/~AEDLab/
Service unit and departmentEED
Job titleProfessor
Job titleProfessor
masterIC Design and Bio-medical Engineering
minorB Cross Telecom
Professor ProfileHe has been studying fundamental physics related and not limited to electron devices more than 23 years, and developing advanced TCAD and High density Non-volatile semiconductor memory more than 18 years. Especially, he was one of main member of the NAND-Flash memory developing and advanced TCAD in Toshiba Corporation.
His main research areas are 1) the design of memory cell, 2) reliability modeling based on the semiconductor physics and 3) total memory system.
Research expertiseTheoretical Physics, Nano Device, Device Simulation


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