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NameChin-Long Wey
Telephone number03-5712121-54369
rolestatusFull-Time / IEEE Fellow / IEEE Life Fellow / Professor Emeritus
Job titleChair Professor
masterIC Design and Bio-medical Engineering
Professor ProfileChin-Long Wey is a Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu, Taiwan, a Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors (NAI), and a Fellow of the IEEE. Previously, he was appointed as the Director General of National Chip Implementation Center (CIC), from 2007 to 2010. The CIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining Taiwan as a leading player in the global semiconductor market. CIC develops global competitive high-quality engineers and advanced IC technologies supporting academia in Taiwan and providing design services with no charge. In order to encourage the college students in Taiwan to engage in IC and system design and further develop their design ability and creativity, the CIC also annually hosts several IC design contests in Taiwan.

In 2003, Professor Wey was appointed as Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Central University (NCU), Jhongli, Taiwan. During his tenure, the college transformed the network learning technology and digital content into one of the leading programs in Taiwan and Asia. The developed innovative “EduCities” was the first Internet educational city of its kind connecting people and education through online learning activities. By the end of 2005, the virtual city in Taiwan had 1.5 million EduCitizen (members), 2500 EduTown (Schools), 25,000 EduVillages (Classes), and 11,435 EduFamilies. There were 515 courses offered in school for all EduCities with online teachers coming from different sectors of society, 9,936 teaching plans, and 278 varieties of teaching materials. In 2005, the innovative “EduCities” was acquired by ChungHwa Telecom, the leading telecommunication company in Taiwan, and both parties continue collaborating to develop the digital contents.

Before joining NCU, Professor Wey was with the ECE department at Michigan State University (MSU), E. Lansing, Michigan, from 1983 to 2003. In 1995, his innovative curriculum development proposal for an online embedded system lab received approximately one million USD in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and MSU establishing the Computer Engineering (CPE) Program, jointly managed by both Departments of Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science (CPS). Professor Wey served as the Founding Director. In fact, as the first 6-year ABET credited program, the CPE program created an educational shift that ultimately led both departments to change their names to “Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)” and “Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)”, respectively.

In September 2001, Professor Wey took a sabbatical leave from MSU and served as the Co-Founder and Founding President of JMicorn Technology. Raising 6 million USD in capital together with his significant research outcomes in high-speed serial links, he and his former Ph.D. students established JMircon at Hsinchu Science Park, with the R&D division (JMicron USA) based in Irvine, California. JMicron is a fabless company providing the core technologies for multi-gigabit high-speed serial links. In September 2002, JMicron delivered Taiwan’s first silicon proven 0.18um SATA PHY, and the world’s first SATA combing both SATAI and SATAII functions. At present, JMicron employs over 150 employees.

Increasing yield, reliability, and safety is an essential goal of the designers, the manufacturers, and the end-users. Professor Wey’s research has focused on developing the characteristic abilities of high quality ICs, including functionality, diagnosability, testability, reliability, manufacturability, and safety, has produced approximately 300 journal articles and conference papers, and holds 17 issued international patents, making important and unique contributions. Recently, his research focus has switched to power management IC design and smart battery management system development.

Professor Wey was also honored as an NARL Distinguished Research Fellow, the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation) Distinguished Chair Professor, and the NCTU Distinguished Professor. He currently serves a board member of two semiconductor manufacturing corporations: Mosel Vitelic Inc. (IC foundry for power electronics such as IGBT, Power MOSFET, and wide band gap semiconductors) and ProMOS Technologies (Ranked #6 worldwide in DRAM manufacturers in 2006). Professor Wey also served a board member of Taiwan IC Design Society from 2008 to 2010, Taiwan Engineering, Medical & Biology Association from 2008 to 2014, and Automotive Research and Testing Center from 2008 to 2011, and technical consultant and/or advisory board member of Taiwan Governmental organizations, such as the Ministries of National Defense, Examination, Economic Affairs, and Science and Technology. He also served as an IEEE Fellow Committee for Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) (2011) and for Computer Science Society (CSS) (2011-2017).
Research expertiseIC Design/Test/Fault Diagnosis, Dependable System Analysis and Design, Smart Power Management Systems, and Smart Battery Management Systems.
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