Research Lab
TitleParticipating professorParticipating coordination professor
Network Communications Lab. ⅡChang, Chung-Ju 
Communication and Network ResearchSu, Yu-Ted 
Network Communications Lab.ⅤFeng, Kai-Ten 
Communication system design and signal processing labLee, Ta-Sung 
Broadband Communications and Signal Processing LabWu, Wen-Rong 
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Laboratory  
Information Theory Lab  
Mobile BroadBand Wireless Communication LaboratoriesWu, Sau-Hsuan 
Broadband Ubiquitous NetworkingLin, Ting-Yu  
Chaotic Systems and Signal Processing LabWu, Bing-Fei  
Nonlinear Control and Applications LaboratoryLiaw, Der-Cherng  
Signal Processing for Communication LabLin, Yuan-Pei  
Electronic industrial control laboratoryLin, Shir-Kuan  
Electrical and Biophotonic Integration Lab.(EBIL) / Projection DisplayTechnology Lab. (PDTL)OU-YANG, MANG 
Evolutionary Computing laboratoryWang, Chi-Hsu  
Sensors IC Laboratory Chao, Chang-Po 
Mixed-Signal Circuit Lab Su, Chau-Chin 
Mixed-Signal and Power IC LabChen, Ke-Horng  
Power Electronics IC Design and DSP Control LabTzou, Ying-Yu  
Microsystem Control LaboratoryChiou, Jin-Chern  
Soc Lab Dung, Lan-Rong 
PSOC LAB Chiu, Yi 
TCM/Sense SOC Lab Huang, Sheng-Chieh 
Autonomous Vehicle and Intelligent Robot Lab Hsiao, Te-Sheng 
Brain Research Center  
RTES Lab Huang, Yu-Lun 
X-LabHu, Jwu-Sheng  
Intelligent System Control Integration LabSong, Kai-Tai  
Biomedical Signal Reasearch Lo, Pei-Chen 
Man and machine lab Young, Kuu-Young 
Information and Media Lab  
Fault Tolerant control laboratory Liang, Yew-Wen 
Advanced Mixed-Signal IC Design and Design-for-Testability Laboratory, AMSDfT Lab Hong, Hao-Chiao 
Variable structure control laboratoryChen, Yon-Ping  
Communications and Signal Processing IC Design (CaSIC) Lab Tsai, Shang-Ho (Lawrence) 
Wave Propagation and Scattering LaboratoryTarng, Jenn-Hwan 
Microwave Active and Passive Circuits Laboratory  
Speech Processing LaboratoryChen, Sin-Horng / Wang, Yih-Ru 
VLSI-EDA LaboratoryLee, Yu-MinYu-Min Lee /  
Broadband Radio Access Systems Laboratory  
Microwave Millimeter waveMeng, Chin-Chun 
Analog Integrated Circuit LaboratoryHung, Chung-Chih 
Speech Communication LaboratoryChang, Wen-whei 
Broadband Communications LabChang, Chung-Ju 
Network Communications Laboratory ⅠLee, Tsern-Huei / Chen, Po-Ning 
Applied Electromagnetics LaboratoryChen, Fu-Chiarng 
Wireless Communication LaboratoryHuang, Chia-Chi 
Network Communications LaboratoryⅣLiao, Wei-Kuo 
Taiwan Huaying lexicon and grammar template links to a comprehensive language laboratoryChen, Po-Ning 
Communication and Network ResearchSu, Yu-Ted 
Audio Processing LaboratoryHsieh, Shih-Fu 
Network Communications LaboratoryⅤFeng, Kai-Ten 
System on Chip Design LaboratoryChiueh, Her-Ming 
Communication System Design and Signal Processing LaboratoryLee, Ta-Sung 
Wireless Multimedia Laboratory  
Sensing Technology LaboratoryWu, Lin-Kun 
Advance Microwave Technology LaboratoryChung, Shyh-Jong 
Network Communications LaboratorⅢWang, Li-chun 
Microwave Thin Film Circuit LaboratoryChang, Chi-Yang 
Far-field Antenna Laboratory  
Communication and Coding Technologies LaboratoryWang, Chung-Hsuan 
Electromagnetic Crystals Research LaboratoryHwang, Ruey-Bing 
Mobile Broadband Wireless Communications LaboratoryWu, Sau-Hsuan 
Near-field Antenna Laboratory  
Microwave Accurate Measurement LaboratoryChung, Shyh-Jong 
Network Communications LaboratoryⅥTien, Po-Lung 
Perception Signal Processing LaboratoryChi, Tai-Shih 
Computational Intelligence on Automation LaboratoryHung-Pin(Charles) Wen 
Wireless and Mobile Network LabRung-Hung Gau 
Wireless Sensor and Communication LaboratoryJwo-Yuh Wu 
Coding Science LaboratoryLu, Francis 
Mircrowave/Millimeter-wave Electronics LaboratoryPei-Ling Chi 
Chen, Hung-Chi 
Ultra-Vision Lab  
Machine Learning LaboratoryJen-Tzung Chien 
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