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Intensive Course on ‘Analog Power Circuitry - its Mathematics and Physics’ by Professor Keng-Chi Wu

Post date:2016-10-06
Analog Power Circuitry - its Mathematics and Physi
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the NCTU and the IEEE CAS Taipei Chapter have jointly invited Professor Keng-Chi Wu to offer a 18-hour intensive course 'Analog Power Circuitry - its Mathematics and Physics' this October at the NCTU. People from all EE related fields are welcome to attend.

Duration: 18 hours (3 days, 6 hours per day)
Date: 25-27 October 2016
Time: 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 daily
Venue: Room 220 Engineering Building 5, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

1. Capacitance and Inductance – Differential form: voltage/current extreme, zero-crossing
2. Capacitance and Inductance – Integral form: lead/lag, continuity
3. 1st order RC, RL
4. Periodic drive, RC filter, continuity of state, ripple content
5. Fourier decomposition, content, orthogonal, Fourier transform, Laplace transform
6. RC filter application, motor speed, Hall sensor, comparator, f-v conversion
7. Full-wave rectifier, loaded RC filter, continuity, boundary condition
8. LM555 timer, sawtooth, PWM, VCO
9. Simple current source, differential pair, level shifting, driver, high gain differential amplifier
10. Precision current source, TEC (Thermal Electric Cooler), Laser driver
11. Operational amplifier, single pole/zero, double pole/zero, type-II, type-III
12. 2nd order, oscillation, damping, control damping, feedback, Sallen Key filter
13. Linear regulator, DC close-loop, component sensitivity, ac closed loop, loop gain, compensation, stability
14. Switch-mode converter, B/H loop, Eigen value, Eigen vector, accelerated steady state
15. TIROS (weather satellite) instrument DC/DC Converter DC and AC analysis
16. Power Converter with Digital Filter control
17. Solar Power system and applications
18. More if needed at different depth

Registration at https://goo.gl/forms/K77a1RgH2r01obj23

About the Lecutrer:
Keng C. Wu, born in 1948 in Talin, Chiayi, Taiwan, received the B.S. degree from the National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan in 1969, and the M.S. degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois in 1973. He was a lead member and a technical staff of Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, NJ. He has published five books, including “Pulse Width Modulated DC-DC Converters” (Chapman & Hall, January 1997), “Transistor Circuits for Spacecraft Power System” (Kluwer Academic Publishers, November 2002) “Switch-mode Power Converters: Design and Analysis” (Academic Press, Elsevier, Oxford, UK, November 2005) and “Power Rectifiers, Inverters, and Converter” (Lulu.com, November 2008). He holds dozen U.S. patents, was awarded “Author of the Year” twice (2003 and 2006 Lockheed Martin), and presented a 3-hour educational seminar IEEE APEC-2007. His fifth book “Power Converter with Digital Filter Feedback Control” was released in February 2016 by Academic Press, Elsevier, Oxford, UK.

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