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Maintaining the Status Quo? (2017/06/20)

Post date:2017-06-20
  According to a recent public opinion poll released by the Taiwan Brain Trust think tank, 58.7 percent of those polled believed that China used their deep pockets to lure Panama away from Taiwan and, in the process, damaging cross-strait relations. The poll also showed that roughly 65 percent of those polled expressed support in moving away from maintaining the status quo with China. 

Donald Trump
US President
It’s our great honor to have President Varela from Panama. We have many things to discuss. We’re going to spend quite a bit of time today. The Panama Canal is doing quite well. I think we did a good job building it. 

President Trump welcomed President Varela from Panama at the White House. It was not long ago that the Panamanian head of state met with President Tsai, though such meetings may be a thing of the past now. 

According to a public opinion poll released by the Taiwan Brain Trust think tank, 58.7 percent of those polled feel that Panama’s diplomatic break with Taiwan will negatively impact cross-strait relations, while 19.3 percent believe that, having hit rock bottom, the relationship will now improve again. 

Meng Chih-cheng 
NCKU Political Science Professor 
Panama’s diplomatic severance with Taiwan has aroused hostility in the Taiwanese people against the government on the other side of the strait. 

65.4 percent of those surveyed support a modification of the President’s policy of maintaining the status quo. Among the 30 to 39 age group, that figure rises to 73.4 percent.

Lin Shih-chia
Foundation of Medical Professionals Alliance 
I think that this crisis is a turning point. Panama’s diplomatic break with Taiwan in favor of a relationship with China has given us an opportunity to see young people’s reactions.

In response to the question, “What would you choose if the status quo cannot be maintained?”, 54.8 percent of respondents expressed support for Taiwan becoming an independent country while 23.6 percent supported unification with China.
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