Esports summit opens doors in Taiwan for first time (2019/08/02)

  • 2019-08-02
  • 程志文

Esports is becoming an increasingly important industry in Taiwan. Today an esports summit was held for the first time in the nation, with top leaders from all around the world in attendance. They included a member of the ruling royal family of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. He announced an initial investment of US$50 million to boost Taiwan's esports industry.

Taiwanese esports competitors have been making inroads all around the world, racking up high scores in international competitions. This has been noticed by a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family, who has come to Taiwan to found an esports foundation. The foundation is expected to boost esports and related industries in Taiwan.

Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Abu Dhabi Royalty
Taiwan is the leader in esports and when we look to invest in esports, we have to be partnering with the best.

It’s the first time for Taiwan to host this esports summit. Top representatives from all around the world have come to take part and work together for the development of Taiwan’s esports ecosystem.

Chang Hui-mei
Chinese Taipei Esports Federation
Our software, hardware and talent - all applications are extremely important as we respond to developments in the overall ecosystem. So we are really grateful that they are willing to come and invest in Taiwan.

Esports, a global emerging industry, was valued at US$1.1 billion this year, up 26.7% from last year. Next year it is expected to grow to US$1.5 billion.