A video camera that measures heart rate, blood pressure using only your face (2019/06/10)

  • 2019-06-10
  • 程志文

It's easy these days to track your blood pressure and heart rate - there are plenty of smartwatches and other smart products that can be worn to collect real-time data. But Taiwanese researchers have created an even easier way to measure health metrics: Simply put your face in front of a camera. A team at National Chiao Tung University has developed a system that can detect changes on users' faces to read their pulse and give other readings. This contactless technology could be a gamechanger for medical care, ATM security, and even police interrogation. 

It’s a camera that can tell you a lot about your health. This is a health management system developed by National Chiao Tung University. Just face the video camera and it can detect your heart rate and blood pressure.

Wu Bing-fei
National Chiao Tung University professor
We approached this from the point of view of the user. The user doesn’t need to remember anything. All physiological information is recorded. With the integration of facial recognition technology, we were able to completely automate the measuring process 

This technology can be applied in long-term care, where there’s a need for contactless monitoring of the pulse and blood pressure. Just install the video camera and you can see how the patient is doing. Beyond the medical sector, The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank is testing the system’s potential in fraud prevention at ATMs.

Wu Bing-fei
National Chiao Tung University professor
This technology can also be used with lie detectors. Currently lie detectors rely on measurements taken from your fingers. You have to get a hold on the subject’s fingers. But for us, that’s unnecessary. Just point the camera at the subject and you’re good. 

The applications are many, and MediaTek Incorporated has signed on as an investor.

Hsu Yu-chin 
Ministry of Science and Technology
We believe that this technology can have a finger in many pies. It can be applied in many trades and many industries. Of course, for MediaTek on the investment end, it is eyeing a massive market. That is why it has made such an investment.

With applications from healthcare to financial security, this technology has market value surpassing NT$500 million, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology.