Delegation of California State Assembly members starts off 7-day Taiwan tour in Taoyuan (2019/07/30)

  • 2019-07-31
  • Yinung Chen

The U.S. California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is in Taiwan leading a delegation of assembly members on a 7-day tour. Their first stop was Taoyuan, where they toured the Airport MRT and its infrastructure projects. Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan says he invited the California speaker to Taiwan when he was stateside back in March, adding that his current visit is a sign of closer ties between California and Taoyuan. 

California State Assembly speaker Rendon shakes hands with Mayor Cheng, marking the beginning of Rendon's first stop of his 7-day tour of Taiwan.

All five members of the delegation were eager to try their hand at driving a metro train simulator. They also toured the carriages and headed to the control center to oversee how the system operated. They listened attentively and were especially interested in the transportation projects of Taiwan's airports.

Anthony Rendon
U.S. California State Assembly speaker
The knowledge that we've acquired thus far is very, very helpful. But I think more important are the relations that we've developed this morning and that will continue to develop over the course of this delegation visit.

Both California and Taoyuan are important tech hubs with close business ties. During a recent visit to the U.S., Cheng took the opportunity to invite California officials to Taiwan for a visit.

Cheng Wen-tsan
Taoyuan mayor
I met the California State Assembly speaker in March this year. At the time he said he wished he could come and visit Taoyuan, and today he's leading a group of several California State Assembly members for a visit. California is trying to improve the transport connections in and around the Los Angeles airport, and they're debating whether or not to build a high speed railway. So he thinks this visit will be very fruitful.

The delegation also headed to Shihmen Reservoir for a scenic boat ride. The ties between Taoyuan and California will surely be strengthened as a result of this visit.