Developers roll out smart speaker to help insomniacs get to sleep (2019/05/09)

  • 2019-05-09
  • Yinung Chen

Taiwanese developers have rolled out a new gadget they say will help you sleep better. It's a speaker, and app-controlled, equipped with LEDs that emit red light. Developers say its soothing music and the low-frequency pulsing light help relax the body and bring it to a natural resting state. Latest data shows that some 4 million Taiwanese have insomnia. Analysts say the sleep aid market is on track for long-term growth.

In a world of modern pressures and screen time before bed, one in five Taiwanese grapples with insomnia.

This made-in-Taiwan mobile app pairs with a smart speaker to set you up for a good night's sleep. Tap the mobile interface to control the speaker, or give a voice command to play music that promotes sleep. The speaker sends out a pulsing red light, in a therapy said to induce melatonin production and help the body and mind relax to enter sleep.

Wu Ting-wei
Product designer
Using this wavelength of light, we create something like a "breathing light" that gradually goes from bright to dim to help users enter a sleep state.

In 2012, the global sleep aid market was worth US$11.3 billion. That figure had tripled by 2015. As new types of products roll out to help people get to sleep, the industry is on track for long-term growth.