Former Universiade dorms to get second life as startup campus (2018/09/05)

  • 2018-09-05
  • Winnie Cheng

A large part of the Taipei Universiade athlete's village in Linkou has been turned into a campus for startups. Startup Terrace officially opens on Sept. 18, and it will offer not only offices and co-working spaces, but also exhibition spaces and performance stages for its tenants to use. The overseer of the project, the Economics Ministry, has rolled out deals on rent to encourage both local and foreign startups to set up shop.

After the Taipei Universiade came to a close last year, the government got to work on revitalizing its athletes' village. Part of the venue is set to reopen as Startup Terrace. This is a multi-purpose campus spanning nearly 60,000 square meters, offering offices, residential units, co-working spaces, exhibition spaces and indoor and outdoor stages.

Chen Cheng-chen
Many startup spaces offer you space without any peripheral support. We wanted to create something akin to a Hollywood stage, with startup teams that are like the performers of a show. We hope they'll really be able to shine in this space.

The Executive Yuan wants to create a flagship startup campus that attracts not only small local teams with modest capital, but also foreign investment.

Hu Pei-ti
Small and Medium Enterprise Admin.
So far, we already have 30 teams onboard. In the initial stage, qualified tenants get the first year rent-free, and the second and third years of rent at a discount. So in the first three years, they get a deal on the lease.

Lu Sun-ling
DPP lawmaker
The geographical location of Linkou is very convenient. It's just a half hour from Taoyuan Airport and a half hour from Taipei City. So in terms of geography and future development, it has very good outlook.

Ease of transportation and convenience are the main draws of Startup Terrace, and both local and foreign startups have taken notice. So far, the project has elicited interest from sectors as wide-ranging as AI, image recognition, intelligent logistics, green biotechnology, and electronic commerce.