Taiwan turns to artificial intelligence for chipmaking edge (2018/12/17)

  • 2018-12-17
  • 程志文

Taiwan's tech industry excels in both hardware and software, and it's a key player in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, big data processing, and the Internet of Things. To secure Taiwan's place in the AI revolution, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established a robotics base to troubleshoot industry problems and train robotics talent. By accelerating growth in AI, the ministry hopes to usher in the next era of prosperity for Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturers.

California's Silicon Valley is one of the best-known innovation ecosystems in the world. Here, rapid advancements in computational and networking technologies have spurred growth in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Players in every industry are racing to be at the leading edge, fighting to be the most relevant.

Chen Li-wei
Asia Silicon Development Agency deputy chief
Once the internet is up to speed, once the communications networks are comprehensive and you've got your bandwidth up, then you'll move into the mobile space. Once you're all done with mobile applications, you'll start moving into IOT. And when the computational power is in place, you move on to AI. This string of developments is the direction of Silicon Valley.

Maturing technologies like AI and IOT are bringing excitement to the semiconductor industry, heralding a 30-year wave of development. Back in Taiwan, industry players are engaging with smart technologies overseas and seeking out partnerships with Silicon Valley, all while building a talent base in Taiwan.

Chen Liang-gee
Technology minister
If Taiwan wants to attract talent, it needs to make itself a place where people can see their work applied around the world. At present, Taiwan is a link in the global supply chain. Even when the market is the U.S. or China, you don't need to physically be there, as I'm sure you know. The point is that you need to form strategic partnerships and alliances.

This is the AI Robotics Hub at the Central Taiwan Science Park built by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Its mission is to provide solutions to industry issues and to advance industry development. It's also tasked with training talent for Taiwan's AI industry.

Yu Hung-hsiu
AI Robotics Hub director
We mainly focus on AI and robotics - systems with both software and hardware components. So we hope to train people with skills needed for developing AI robots and for all their industrial applications.

Taiwan sees AI as one of its most important emerging industries, and it's thrown itself into the work of automating processes across sectors. The country hopes to build up its AI capacities and to secure its place in the smart revolution.