Youth show off smart brace, big data ‘fortuneteller’ at tech fair (2018/12/04)

  • 2018-12-04
  • Yinung Chen

The best and brightest of Taiwan's tech students presented their inventions at a show today, as part of a program run by the Institute for Information Industry. The students showed off a wide range of inventions, from a smart brace that fixes muscle soreness to a program that analyzes your love life through big data. 

Select the "single" mode and the camera will capture your image. That's all the program needs to find the best partner for you.

Using artificial intelligence and big data analysis, this program can replace the local fortuneteller. It filters through vast amounts of data to pinpoint the traits of the man or woman of your dreams.

This smart garment is woven with a sensory fiber that can detect the electric signals sent by muscles. It can be worn to monitor the body and reduce soreness in the neck and shoulder.

Chiu Yuan-chun
Textile Industry Research Institute intern
It can detect the electric signals from the patients' muscles, so later they can access feedback on a mobile phone interface. This lets patients know whether they had exerted force properly.

Powered by augmented and virtual reality technologies, these goggles let the user experience what it is like to suffer from eye diseases like eye floaters or retinal detachment. It's a way to remind people to take good care of their eyesight.

Chen Pei-li
Industrial Development Bureau
By paving a path between academia and industry, we can reach the last mile. We cultivate the talent that we need for the future of our digital economy.

These 355 students have gotten real-world experience at 13 companies and organizations. The institute says these students of today are the stars of tomorrow.