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Curriculum Synosis

System Control                                                          
Based on the fundation of system theories,system control is developed with the combinations of electronics, computer science, sensor, networking,communications, and signal processing. In the next ten years, control technologies will create a new paradigm for the applications of biomedical electronics, green energy technologies, and robotics.

Multimedia Signal Processing
Signal processing represents the processing technologies for both signal itself and information hidden in signals. With the advancement of networking, communications, and 4C industries, signal processing will be closely related to our human daily life. 

Based on analog circuits, system-on-chip (SOC) is developed to provide low-power, high effiency, and design for test technologies.With the integration of digital circuits and micro-sensor devices,SOCs can be applied for biomedical and environmental monitoring.  

Mobile Communications
The target is to research on all types of communications including wireless, wired, fiber optical, underwater, underground, and satellite systems. We will also investigate different kinds of storage and recording systems including stereo, CD, DRAM, Flash, magnetic, disk array. The following topics will be included:
1. Channel characteristics
2. Performance limitations
3. Transmission and receiving structures
4. Signal structure
5. Resource allocations
6. Related signal processing
7. Cross-layer design between PHY and upper layers 

Robotics and Bioelectronics
Robotics focus on integration of subsystems including mechanisms, sensor devices, motors, power electronics, communications, and microprocessors. Major research direction will be on the implementations of robots that can be applied to our daily lives. 
Power Electronics/ MEM
This program consists of three major topics including power electronics, power systems, and electrical mechanics. The targets are to provide training on analytical tools, knowledge establishment in power technologies, and implementations on power control.
Microwave and Antennas
Withe the adoption of electromagnetic theory, quantum mechanics are pervasively applied in various engineering fields, e.g., military radars, satellite communications, mobile communications, and optical systems.
Information and Communications
Pervasive networking and communications facilitate the ease of our daily lives, which also bring up the problems of information security. With comprehensive introductions on communication and networking technologies, this program will cultivate students to become networking experts from both theoretical and implementational aspects.  
Biomedical Electronics and Information
Biomedical electronics focus on developing core technologies for medical electronics, micro-mechanic devices, biomedical optical electronics, biomedical signal processing, and image sensing/analysis.
Computer Engineering
This program will provide cross-fields training on electrical and computer engineering.A series of courses will be provided including logic design, software development, and hardware architecture.We aim at providing unique training for students to become experts in the areas of multi-core computing and intelligent cloud computing.