Kao, Yao-Huang
Emeritus Professor,Adjunct Faculty
Name Kao, Yao-Huang
Email yhkao@cc.nctu.edu.tw
Research expertise .Optical Fiber Communication.Photonics Devices.High-Frequency Electronic Circuits
Job title Professor
Year Paper Title
0000 YH.Kao,P,A.Wu,and s.M.Ke, "The Experimental Study of Phase Noise in CMOS VCO,", IEEE APMC-2002,WEOF-07,Nov,Kyoto,Japan, 2002年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao,Min-Chieh Hsu,and Meng-Ting, "AnEffective Method for Low Noise Cmos VCO Design", IEEE APMC-2002,FR@A-05,Nov,Kyoto,Japan, 2002年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao and M.T. Hsu, "Extraction of Noise Sources From Noise Parameters with RF CMOS Devices", IEEE APMC2001,Taipei, 2001年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao,M.T.Hsu,and M.S.Wu, "Parasitic Resistance Effects on Noise Figure of Cmos Devices for RF Integrated Circuit Design", ISCOM 2001,Tainan, 2001年12月
0000 C.Y.Li,Y.H.Kao,J.J.Luo,and K.M.Chang, "The enhanced Q Spiral Inductors with MEMS Technology for RF Applications", IEEE APMC2000,pp.1326-1329,Sydney , 2000年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao and T.Y.Lin, "Effects of Gate Resistance on the PERformance of CMOS RF Circuits,", IEEE APMC2000,pp.169-172,Sydney , 2000年12月
0000 C.Y.Li,Y.H.Kao,J.J.Luo,and K.M. Chang, "The enhanced Q Spiral Inductors with MEMS Technology for RF Application", SNDT 2000,pp.233-236,Hsin-Chu,Taiwan, 2000年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao and T.Y.Lin, "Design of a 2.4GHz CMOS Mixer", SNDT 2000,pp.105-108,Hsin-Chu,Taiwan., 2005年12月
0000 A.Yao and Y.H.Kao, "The Suppression of DE Tuning Voltage Noise in phase Noise Measurement of VCO Free Running", ,The 14th European Frequency and Time Forum(EFTF),Torino,Italy,2000, 2000年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao and C.C.Chien, "Wide Band Vc with Surface Acoustic Resonator,", Wireless Communication on Both Side of Taiwan Straight,Hong Kung , 2000年12月
0000 Y.H.Kao and Y.B.Hsieh, "The fabrication of 2.4GHz Planar Inductor by CMOS process,", SNDT'99,Sixth symposium on Nana Device Technology,1999,p.23241,Hsin-Chu,Taiwan, 1999年12月
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0000 Y.H.Kao,T.H.Wu,and G.H.Kuo, "Negativ resistance and Spurious in common source with series feedback for microwave applications", Wireless Communication on Both Side of Taiwan Straight ,Hung Jue, 1999年10月
0000 Y.H.Kao and Y.B.Hsieh, "A Study of 2.4 GHz CMOS Low Noise Amplifier", The fifth Sym.On Nano Deivice Tech.(SNDT'98)pp.30-32,1998,Hsin-Chu,Taiwan, 1998年12月
Project Category Year Period
Research Projects 95 2006.08 ~ 2007.07
Industrial Collaboration 95 2006.05 ~ 2006.07
Industrial Collaboration 95 2006.01 ~ 2006.12
Research Projects 94 2005.08 ~ 2006.07
Industrial Collaboration 93 2004.11 ~ 2006.04
Research Projects 93 2004.08 ~ 2005.07
Industrial Collaboration 92 2003.12 ~ 2004.11
Research Projects 92 2003.08 ~ 2004.07
Industrial Collaboration 91 2002.09 ~ 2003.04
Research Projects 91 2002.08 ~ 2003.07
Industrial Collaboration 90 2001.11 ~ 2002.02
Research Projects 90 2001.08 ~ 2002.07
Industrial Collaboration 90 2001.07 ~ 2002.06
Publish Date Patent Title
1970/01/01 , "", 2005年12月
1970/01/01 , "", 2005年12月
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
R.O.C. National Chiao-Tung Univ.  electronic engineering  PH.D.  1986.12 ~ 1986.12
R.O.C.  National Chiao-Tung Univ electronic engineering  M.S.  1977.12 ~ 1977.12
R.O.C. National Chiao-Tung Univ.  electronic engineering  B.S.  1975.12 ~ 1975.12