Krishna P. Pande
Emeritus Professor
Name Krishna P. Pande
Office Tel No. 035712121#54525 or 59498
Research expertise His current research interests includes adaptive MMW radio for 5G, On-chip GaN Transceiver and antenna, RF-Photonics, UWB Sensors for UAV collision avoidance and MMW circuits and systems etc.
Professor Profile Dr. Pande is currently professor in Electrical Engineering at NCTU. He was previously Senior Director at Rockwell Collins’ Advanced Technology Center where he managed the ARS department involved with the development of advanced radios and associated components such as transmitters/receivers, RF Photonics, XG Sensors, antenna and microwave/MMW circuits. In addition, he chaired Corporate Technology Panel on Advanced Radio Systems. He was also director of Advanced Technology Solutions at Rockwell Collins. In this role he interfaced with Defense R/D agencies and ATC/GS Engineering to address the technology needs of DoD and commercial customers.
Job title Professor