Nelson G. Chen
Assistant Professor
Name Nelson G. Chen
Job title Assistant Professor
Office Tel No. 03-5712121-54515
Year Paper Title
2013 Liu CT, Pike LM, Chen NG. Effect of Small Amounts of B and C Additions on Glass Formation and Mechanical Properties of a Zr-Base Alloy,pp. 305-10 in Bulk Metallic Glasses (eds. Johnson WL, Inoue A, Liu CT), MRS publication, 1999.
Goodsitt MM, Chan HP, Lydick JT, Gandra CR, Chen NG, Helvie MA, Bailey JE, Roubidoux MA, Paramagul C, Blane CE, Sahiner B, Petrick NA. An observer study comparing spot imaging regions selected by radiologists and a computer for an automated stereo spot mammography technique. Med Phys 31 (6): 1558-1567; 2004.
Chen NG, Fowlkes JB, Carson PL, LeCarpentier GL. Rapid 3D Imaging of Contrast Flow: Demonstration of a Dual Beam Technique. Ultrasound Med Biol 33(6): 915-923; 2007.
Chen NG, Fowlkes JB, Carson PL, Schipper MJ, LeCarpentier GL. Rapid 3-D Imaging of Contrast Flow: Application to Perfused Kidney Vasculature. Ultrasound Med Biol 35(5): 813-828; 2009.
Wu CI, Wang YS, Chen NG, Wu CY, Chen CH. Ultrasound ionization of biomolecules. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 24(17): 2569-74; 2010.
Gregory KJ, Sun Y, Chen NG, Golovlev V. Real-time bioluminescent assay for inhibitors of RNA and DNA polymerases and other ATP-dependent enzymes. Anal Biochem 408(2): 226-34; 2011.
Chen NG, Gregory K, Sun Y, Golovlev V. Transient model of thermal deactivation of enzymes. Biochim Biophys Acta 1814(10): 1318-24; 2011.
Sun Y, Gregory KJ, Chen NG, Golovlev V. Rapid and direct microRNA quantification by an enzymatic luminescence assay. Anal Biochem 429(1): 11-17; 2012
Chen NG, Golovlev V. Structural key bit occurrence frequencies and dependencies in PubChem and their effect on similarity searches. Mol Inf 32(4): 355-361; 2013.
Kosheleva OK, Lai P, Chen NG, Hsiao M, Chen CH. Potential Nanoparticle-Assisted Ultrasound for Cancer Therapy. Nanomed-Nanotechnol 2013 (submitted).
Chen NG. Effect of structural key bit dependencies on the Tanimoto coefficient distribution. J Chem Inf Model (manuscript in preparation).
Chen NG, Lin JL, Wu CY, Gillig KJ, Ozdemir A, Chen CH. Novel Atmospheric Biomolecule Ionization Technologies. J Anal Bioanal Tech S2: 003. doi: 10.4172/2155-9872.S2-003 2013.
Year Research Title Publish Date Authors
Dynamics of nanoparticle-assisted ultrasound therapy 2013-11-29
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
USA Univ of Michigan Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. 2001.05 ~ 2009.05
USA Univ of Michigan Biomedical Engineering MS 1999.09 ~ 2001.05
USA Univ of Tennessee Engineering Science BS 1995.06 ~ 1999.05
 Perfusion Estimation in Volumetric Imaging of Contrast Agents 2013.11 ~ Up to today
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Sci-Tec, Inc. Sci-Tec, Inc. (R&D) Research scientist 2008.12 ~ 2013.08
Univ of Michigan Department of Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Teaching Assistant 2000.09 ~ 2001.05