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Programs of Study



The wide spectrum of courses offered by the Department covers all areas of electrical engineering, emphasizing both theoretical and application-oriented courses. The courses are arranged into the following categories: mathematics, computer and programming language, digital circuits and microprocessors, electronics, communication systems, digital signal processing, EM waves, broadband networks, system and information science, mechatronics, control engineering, etc. A series of experimental courses are designed to equip the students with salient experimental techniques. The students are also encouraged to participate in research projects to enhance their ability in solving the problem independently.
       The graduate school focuses on both basic researches and practical applications. The faculty members are well recognized and have cultivated many experts in electrical engineering. Their research interests range from electricity to electronics, hardware to software, device to system, and theory to practice. Currently, the Department is cooperating with National Science Council, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Science-based Industrial Parks, and others in various large scale research activities.