Average year-end bonus at tech firms to hit 1.7 months of wages: job bank (2020/01/06)

  • 2020-01-06
  • 陈 宜浓
Employees at tech companies can expect to receive an average of 1.7 months of wages as their year-end bonus this year. That's according to a local job bank survey on Taiwanese employers. A spokesman at the job bank said that tech bonuses have been slipping in recent years, reflecting employer caution amid the U.S.-China trade war.

These students participated in a program offered by Asustek Computer and National Taipei University of Technology. Due to a persistent talent shortage, tech companies have increasingly turned to college campuses, where they offer kids a foot in the door of a promising career.

Member of the public
My impression of the tech industry is that the bonuses are quite big. It feels like tech bonuses are a bit bigger than those for the typical office worker.

Member of the public
My impression of the tech industry is long hours, massive paycheck.

Delta Electronics offers a fixed bonus of two months’ wages along with holiday bonuses and dividends. Employees receive at least 20 months of salary each year. Hon Hai also gives a two-month bonus. At Pegatron, employees collect 16 to 18 months’ salary each year. Compal Electronics gives holiday and year-end bonuses worth up to three months’ wages.

Yang Tsung-bin
Job bank spokesman
It’s true that the monthly base used to determine bonuses has gone down slightly. I see this as the impact of the broader trade war. However, in comparison to other industries, the tech industry could still raise wages this year.

A local job bank says that, due to variables like the U.S.-China trade war, the average tech bonus has decreased in recent years. It’s gone from a reported 1.83 months’ wages in 2017 to 1.75 months’ in 2018. According to a job bank survey, this year’s bonus will weigh in even lower, at 1.7 months.