Global tech leaders converge on Taipei for annual conference (2019/10/30)

  • 2019-10-30
  • 陈 宜浓
The annual Global Science & Technology Leaders Forum opened in Taipei on Wednesday with tech pioneers and top scholars from around the world in attendance. The speaker lineup included Quanta Computer founder Barry Lam, who said Taiwan is in a good position to capitalize on the world's next trillion-dollar opportunity.

At the Global Science & Technology Leaders Forum, Quanta’s chairman said that the next trillion-dollar opportunity will span across cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, and the internet of things.

Barry Lam
Quanta chairman
And then we have AI international business model. It starts from 2017 to 2037.

Lam said that Taiwanese electronics sector had an edge in hardware, and especially in semiconductors. He sees 5G and AI converging to generate tremendous global production value.

Barry Lam
Quanta chairman
US$4.3 trillion will be unlocked over the next seven years across the 5G, AI, IOT vertical industry.

Nicky Lu, chairman of Etron Technology, also spoke at the forum. He said his son, an associate professor at the U.S.’ Massachusetts Institute of Technology, combines computer technology and medicine to tackle rare diseases in children.

Nicky Lu
Etron Technology chairman
He treats DNA like it’s software and proteins like they’re hardware. Together they form a computer inside a cell.

The rising tide of tech change is set to engulf all major industries, and the race is on to grab top talent and technology. The Ministry of Science and Technology says it will forge industry links to more countries to enhance Taiwan’s global competitiveness.