ITRI unveils tech for recycling solar panels (2019/12/02)

  • 2019-12-02
  • 陈 宜浓
The Industrial Technology Research Institute held a media event on Monday to present its sustainable energy technologies. For the first time, ITRI showcased its system for recycling solar panels that have reached the end of their lifespan. Taiwan is heading toward a 20% renewables target by 2025. As more solar panels are installed each year, the need for their sustainable disposal will only continue to grow.

Taiwan has set a renewable energy target of 20% by 2025. It expects solar power to become the biggest source of green electricity.

Liu Wen-hsiung
ITRI president
Taiwan has an inherent limit. And it is that 98%, 99% of our energy is imported. So when it comes to developing renewable energy, it’s as if we have no other choice. And if this thing is to be done, we have to look at our energy options here in Taiwan. There’s wind. Solar.

In small batches, tiny white crystals are deposited in the machine to be sorted. Researchers closely track the data generated, monitoring progress and making analyses. ITRI has unveiled its recycling technologies for solar panels. It’s part of ITRI’s five key technologies for solar panels, which focus on their design, testing, power generation, energy storage, and recycling.

Solar panel recycling is just getting started in Taiwan. At present, we can take a standard solar module, remove the aluminum frame, and recycle that. But the industry is still developing the technologies for recycling the rest. What’s typically done overseas is that the panels are smashed and then the materials are separated out.

To support solar in Taiwan, ITRI has developed a host of environmentally friendly recycling technologies that upgrade the green energy industry and help build a sustainable future.