Smart Campus Projects

  • 2021-05-01
  • 陈宜浓

This project aims to develop advanced communication technologies for B5G/6G three-dimensional networks with comprehensive intelligence, where the scope ranges from advanced coding and multiple antenna system designs in physical layer to cross-layer resource management and computing and caching strategy optimization. To deliver outcomes that are beneficial and applicable to the industry, in addition to the key technologies, a software/hardware platform will also be developed on the basis of our on-campus 5G experimental networks. Such real-world based platform can serve as a very power tool for key technology verification and for assisting the academia-industry collaboration in product development.


To fulfill the industrial benefits of the research outcomes of this project, we will aggressively cooperate with partners from industry and research institutes, aiming to develop the B5G/6G key technologies and the corresponding verification platform. Our overall goal is to develop an intelligent three dimensional space-air-ground integrated network (SAGIN), which is capable of supporting ultra-high speed transmissions, extremely-broad coverage, and diverse emerging services and applications. To realize this goal, this project, consisting of five sub-projects, will investigate the intelligent three-dimensional network from different but complementary aspects.


  • Sub-project 1 will focus on network deployment and self-organizing techniques.
  • Sub-project 2 will focus on wireless resource allocation and interference management techniques
  • Sub-project 3 will focus on multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and orbital angular momentum communications technique.
  • Sub-project 4 will focus on channel estimation, beam tracking and fast detection and decoding techniques.
  • Sub-project 5 will focus on edge-AI aided joint caching, computing and communication techniques.


The master project will be responsible for coordinating the developments and progresses of the sub-projects, facilitating international collaboration, developing the software/hardware platform and integrating the research output of the sub-projects into a multifaceted network development tool that can facilitate the industrial promotion.


This project is expected to serve as the foundations of the 6G information and communication technology development and to support the domestic telecommunications industry in tactical planning and developing of the key technologies in next generation communication systems.