As Taiwan braces for climate change, government builds water management infrastructure (2018/05/04)

  • 2018-05-04
  • 陳 宜濃
Taiwan appears to be facing serious challenges caused by climate change. The frequency of rainstorms and flooding have both increased, but at the same time there are also more droughts. The government has invested NT$250 billion in water management, building facilities to prevent siltation in resevoirs, as well as water recycling plants, in the hope of securing a healthy water cycle in Taiwan. ##

Premier Lai Ching-te in early April attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a siltation prevention tunnel at the Shimen Reservoir revealing the determination of the government to promote a quality aquatic environment as part of their major infrastructure project. 

Lai Ching-te
This siltation prevention tunnel can maintain the Shimen Reservoir's water supply in response to short bursts of heavy rainfall caused by climate change.

Construction on siltation prevention at the Shimen Reservoir is expected to be completed in 2020. The tunnel drains away sand and slows down the siltation process, increasing the reservoir's water storage capacity. 

Lai Chien-hsin
Water Resources Agency Director-General
We will use some of the budget from the forward-looking infrastructure plan to connect the Shimen Reservoir with water used in the Hsinchu region. 

Rainstorms and droughts caused by climate change will create difficulties with water resources. The Water Resources Agency has four major strategies of developing new water resources, conserving water, distributing water resources appropriately and having enough in reserve. At the same time, it will create wastewater recycling plants. 

Lai Chien-hsin
Water Resources Agency Director-General
In the middle of this year, Taiwan's first reclaimed water facility at Fengshan River Kaohsiung will start operations. In addition, this year we will also begin construction of a water recycling plant to specifically supply high-tech companies.

In the face of dwindling water resources, the Water Resources Agency uses innovative thinking and techniques to create a sustainable environment with a stable water supply.