ITRI-backed innovation center showcases results in Southern Taiwan (2018/11/13)

  • 2018-11-13
  • 程志文

The Industrial Technology Research Institute, also known as ITRI, teamed up with the Kaohsiung City Government two years ago to launch a center for science and technology innovation in Southern Taiwan. The center held an event today to showcase its results, which range from cutting-edge medical devices to beauty products made from coral.

Today an innovation center in Southern Taiwan unveiled its results. Start-ups presented their latest products, ranging from medical devices to farm equipment to cosmetics made from coral.

Edwin Liu
ITRI President
A very good example is this - we have made the most of the sea. We have taken the sea near Southern Taiwan as an asset, and brought in ITRI's R&D capacities and soft coral research. That is to say, we were able to cultivate soft coral for the production of cosmetic products that nourish the skin.

Two years ago, the Kaohsiung City government and ITRI launched an innovation center in Southern Taiwan to support start-ups in the region. The center is the first in Taiwan to have its own venture capital fund dedicated to supporting the region. The fund already stands at NT$400 million. Officials say they will add another NT$120 million from the National Development Fund.

Tseng Wen-sheng
Deputy Economics Minister
What is even more gratifying today is that the private and public sectors worked together to set up a new fund, and it is backed by the National Development Council. Today we wanted to announce it together to the public.

Kaohsiung has a solid base for traditional production and manufacturing. The innovation center aims to help the latest technologies take root and drive a transformative upgrade in Kaohsiung's industries.