Electronics firms report high sales, supplies low, as video conferencing booms (2020/04/06)

  • 2020-04-06
  • 程志文
Distance learning and working from home are becoming the new normal, as Taiwan adopts more and more stringent social distancing measures to combat COVID-19. That's meant a boom in sales of laptop computersand video conferencing accessories, leaving many lines sold out. Logitech, Microsoft and Lenovo are all reporting high sales figures as webcams and earphones fly off the shelves. But that means many stores are facing supply shortages too.

As Taiwan starts to work from home, video conferencing is booming. Preorders for this little webcam have exploded, with orders booked up until June. Business is also great for this top-end equipment.

Hu Chi-an
More budget or entry-level webcams are all out of stock now. Because last week we received a large order from government, which cleared out 100 units in one go.

Logitech distributors are not only sold out for cameras. They’re struggling to source more earphones and basic keyboards.

At this Microsoft concession, there’s a steady stream of customers on weekdays. Meanwhile Lenovo’s March sales were 20 to 30% higher than in the same period last year. With China’s production lines only just grinding back into gear, and a rash of panic buying from Europe and America, retailers are digging deep into their stockrooms to try to satisfy demand.

Li Chun-ching
Lenovo store manager
Going forward, with supply not looking so great, we’ll have trouble sourcing products. Currently we’re trying to keep sales going with what’s in our stockrooms in Taiwan.

Chang Kui-yu
Microsoft store vice-manager
We had about 20,000 of the midrange Surface Gos, and we’re going to run out soon. We may have to start taking preorders.

Cameras that are mounted on the wall are used to stream large-scale video conferences and distance learning classrooms. The Taiwanese video conferencing specialist AVer Information is not afraid of supply shortages.

Kuo Yu-ting
AVer Information
Our revenue has grown by 85% compared to the same period last year. All our products are fully made in Taiwan, so that helps us with our product sales.

The streaming and video conferencing sector has got a big leg up from the demands of social distancing.